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LinkStation 400 - How to Add a Shared Folder

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In Advanced Settings, navigate to [File Sharing] - [Folder Setup] and click the icon.



Click [Create Folder].



Configure the settings, then click [OK].



Names may contain up to 27 alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_). Do not use a symbol as the first character in a name.
The description may contain up to 75 alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and spaces. Do not use a symbol or space as the first character.
You may create up to 400 shared folders.
The names of shared folders should not use characters from more than one language. For example, mixing Japanese and Korean characters in names is not supported.
If multi-byte characters are used in shared folder names, configure the client language to match the characters in [Management] - [Name/Time/Language].






Recycle Bin

To protect your data from accidental deletion, you can enable a recycle bin instead of deleting files immediately. The recycle bin will only work with SMB connections.




Your LinkStation's username and password should be the same as your Windows username and password. If they are different, you may not be able to access folders on the LinkStation with access restrictions configured.



Read-only Shares

By default, new shares are set with read & write access, but you may change the attribute to "Read-only" in "Shared Folder Attributes". Read-only shares and HFS+ formatted USB hard drives will have "Read-only" added to the shared folder description.



Hidden Shares

To hide a shared SMB folder, select "Hidden Share (SMB Only)" and click

[OK]. Folders with AFP or FTP support enabled can't be hidden. To open a hidden folder, click [Start] - [Search programs and files] and enter "\\LinkStation's name\Shared folder names$\" for the name.

Example: If the LinkStation's name and shared folder name is "LSXXX001" and "share", you should enter "\\LSXXX001\share$\" in the search box.



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