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  1. WS5000 - How to Get Around the Error "POST ERR:00D9 Boot from HDDx" when the TeraStation Boots
    [Answer ID: 15195]
    When the drive C is in degraded mode, the error "POST ERR:00D9 Boot from HDDx" may be displayed on the LCD panel.To work around the error,  replace the hard drive and repair the volume of the system area in RAID Builder....
  2. An Error May Occur When You Back up the LinkStation or TeraStation in Express Wizard Screen of NovaBACKUP with Windows XP
    [Answer ID: 15196]
    To back up your LinkStation and TeraStation with NovaBACKUP from Windows XP, select "Backup" on the top of the main menu.
  3. When you update the firmware, the message "Updating Firmware" is displayed, but the firmware update never finish.
    [Answer ID: 15200]
    The online update server may be not responding.If the message persists for more than 10 minutes, turn off the LinkStation or TeraStation. Reboot the LinkStation or TeraStation, wait for a while, and update the firmware again....
  4. TeraStation 4000 - How to replace a hard drive and rebuild a RAID array in the TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 15202]
    Hard drives in the TeraStation show a blue status LED during normal operation. When a drive fails, its error LED will glow red. 1. Error LED Glows red if a hard drive has failed. 2. Status LEDs ...
  5. Active Directory - Invalid Characters for Password
    [Answer ID: 15205]
    When joining Active Directory with the LinkStation or TeraStation, the set of valid characters for password is limited to characters in ASCII table (alphanumeric) characters except for the following characters as well as blank (white) space:...
  6. I cannot copy a file to the folder restricted by the OS after installing TurboPCEX.
    [Answer ID: 15213]
    Drag a file or a folder by right-clicking and choose "Copy here" or "Move here".You can now copy and move a file or a folder.
  7. A Note about Wake on LAN(WOL)
    [Answer ID: 15300]
    When Wake on LAN(WOL) is enabled, the Email Notification function doesn't work even if you turn off the TeraStation.
  8. Only information for a guest user is displayed although I log in as an administrator or a member of the power users group.
    [Answer ID: 15397]
    There are cases where the privileges are reset after rebooting the TeraStation if you set privileges of an administrator or a member of the power users group on each group.In this case, log in with the administrator account and set the privileges again....
  9. When restoring the settings, the "rebooting" dialog opens.
    [Answer ID: 15398]
    Restoring is working without any problem even if the "rebooting" dialog opens.A "complete" message will be displayed when restoring is completed.
  10. The spare disk remains displayed after recovering the RAID array from spare disks.
    [Answer ID: 15400]
    There are cases where the spare disk remains displayed when you have recovered the RAID array from spare disks.The display will be corrected by rebooting the TeraStation.
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