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  1. What does the message on the LCD display indicate when the ERROR LED is turned on? (TS-X series)
    [Answer ID: 11677]
    Refer to the following boxes which is listed the meaning of LED blinking and the resolution.Examples of LCDMeaningResolutionE00SYSTEM ErrorMPU No ResponseSystem is not responding.Unplug the power code of the TeraStation and reboot it. If the error still persists, contact Buffalo's service center for repair....
  2. I deleted "DriveNavi.exe", so I cannot install softwares.
    [Answer ID: 11864]
    1.Turn on the computer. 2.Connect the AC adapter to the USB hard drive’s power connector. 3.Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. 4.Connect the USB cable into a port on the USB hard drive....
  3. My computer does not recognize the hard drive.
    [Answer ID: 11884]
    There are some possible causes for this symptom.Please refer to the following points on your hard drive. Cause 1:Your OS (Operating System) might not support the hard drive.Countermeasure 1...
  4. How can I set a wireless connection through Windows XP?
    [Answer ID: 12175]
    See below for how to set a wireless connection through Windows XP SP2 wireless LAN. Disable the firewall function of the security software. If you use a computer with the internal wireless LAN, enable the wireless LAN....
  5. Is there any problem if the AirStation gets powered down due to power failure?
    [Answer ID: 12176]
    Power failure does not affect wireless LAN hosts, but it is recommended to unplug the AC cable/adapter from the outlet before the power failure.Some setup will be needed in the following cases:...
  6. How can I display Device Manager on Windows 7?
    [Answer ID: 12177]
    If the user account control screen appears while the steps are performed, click [Yes].Method 1. Display it from (My) Computer. Click [Start] - [Computer], then right-click [Manage]....
  7. About factory default IP addresses (Wireless AP)
    [Answer ID: 12178]
    Factory default IP addresses are different depending on the product.They are also different depending on the version of the firmware for some products.Refer to the chart below for the details....
  8. How can I fix the problem when the wireless connection is slow, or gets cut off often?
    [Answer ID: 12185]
    CauseSolutionThe firmware on the AirStation is not the latest version.Update the firmware on the AirStation.  See how to update firmware.The driver of the wireless client is not the latest version....
  9. How can I connect Windows 7, Windows Vista computers to a wireless LAN main unit?
    [Answer ID: 12186]
    Insert the attached CD to the CD drive of your computer.Click here to download Buffalo AirNavigator when the CD cannot be inserted to the computer from the website in your each region....
  10. How can I check if UPnP feature is working properly? (Windows 7)
    [Answer ID: 12210]
    Check if UPnP feature is working with the following procedure. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [View network status and tasks]. Click [View full map]. Right-click [Gateway], then select [Properties]....
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