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  1. LinkStation 400 - How to Restore the LinkStation to its Factory Defaults
    [Answer ID: 15152]
    To initialize the LinkStation to its factory default, follow this procedure. Initializing with the Function Button Notes:•The following settings will be initialized:admin username, admin password, IP address, and Ethernet frame size....
  2. TeraStation 5000 - How to replace a hard drive and rebuild a RAID array in the TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 15183]
    Hard drives in the TeraStation show a blue status LED during normal operation. When a drive fails, its error LED will glow red. 1. Error LED Glows red if a hard drive has failed. 2. Status LEDs ...
  3. I cannot choose users to set access restrictions under the shared folder settings on the NAS.
    [Answer ID: 15228]
    Conditions:- Using Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1- Using Internet Explorer 11 (Release Preview) for Windows 7 Solution A: Configure the settings in Internet Explorer 10 (recommended)....
  4. The device name is not displayed on the list of DLNA Media Clients.
    [Answer ID: 15237]
    IP addresses and device names may be blank or not displayed depending on the DLNA-compliant devices.In this case, specify the device by MAC address. Click [Refresh client list] if your device is not listed....
  5. Although a USB hard drive can be referred to from the media folder, I cannot access the USB hard drive.
    [Answer ID: 15238]
    When you cannot access a USB hard drive, try again after saving the settings of the USB hard drive under the shared folder settings on the configuration interface.
  6. My computer doesn't recognize the hard drive.(HD-GDU3 series)
    [Answer ID: 15316]
    If your computer sometimes recognizes the hard drive, click here and update the firmware.If your computer doesn't recognize the hard drive at all, please contact our technical support for more information or ask replacement....
  7. How to Format a connected USB hard drive(TS5000,TS-2RZ series)
    [Answer ID: 15399]
    Note:Under some circumstances, data deleted when a drive is formatted can be recovered. To ensure that data is “gone forever”, a format might not be sufficient. See “Erase Data on the TeraStation Completely”....
  8. Movie: How to hot swap a TeraStation hard drive if a drive error occurs.
    [Answer ID: 15446]
  9. What does the message on the LCD display indicate when the ERROR LED is turned on? (TS3000 series)
    [Answer ID: 15469]
    Refer to the following boxes which is listed the meaning of LED blinking and the resolution.LCD MessageDescriptionCorrective ActionBOOT FAILHard drive not found.Contact Buffalo technical support for assistance....
  10. What does the message on the LCD display indicate when the INFO LED is turned on? (TS3000 series)
    [Answer ID: 15471]
    After you change settings or format a hard drive, the current status is displayed on the LCD.LCD MessageDescriptionCorrective ActionHDx Warning I11 Bad SectorsThe bad sectors in hard drive X may have reached a dangerous level....
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