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How do I back up the data stored in the product to an external hard drive?

Created 02/01/2011 18:39  |   Updated 09/22/2011 17:08
  1. Navigate to [System]-[Backup]-[Backup Jobs Setup]-[Create New Job].
  2. Select backup settings such as date and time to run.

    Please click here for referring the detail of each backup operation.

  3. Click [Backup Folders]-[Add].

  4. Select [Backup Sources] and [Backup Targets] folders, and then click [Add].
    Select the added USB hard disk as backup target folder.

    oYou can register up to the second level of subfolders.
    oIf the USB hard disk is formatted by FAT32/16, a file over 2GB can’t be copied in FAT16, and a file over 4GB can’t be copied in FAT32.
    And also, a file include .(dot) in the file name can’t be copied.

  5. Click [Apply].
  6. The backup job is added to the list of backup jobs.



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