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Difficulty Accessing Secure Sites Using the WZR2-G300N Router

Created 06/21/2012 18:40  |   Updated 06/21/2012 18:58

Users may have issues accessing and navigating through secure sites, such as eBay and online banking, when utilizing the WZR2-G300N.

The following steps should resolve these issues:

  1. Log into the router settings at "".
    Username is "root", and there is no password by default.

  2. Go to [Internet/LAN] > [Internet].
  3. Reduce the "MTU Size of INTERNET Port" to a lower setting (ex. 1450) and click Apply.
  4. Users may need to reboot the router and/or computer after changes are applied.
  5. If this does not work, try reducing the size even lower (1400).



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