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How to use Windows Media Connect with the LinkTheater

Created 06/13/2012 17:44  |   Updated 06/15/2012 17:28

Because of copyright restrictions (Windows DRM) on some WMV formatted files, the LinkTheater is unable to play them directly through the software provided by Buffalo.
This issue will come up most often when dealing with videos obtained from sites that provide
PlaysForSure content.

In order to play these files, Windows Media Connect software must be installed on a Windows XP computer.
Keep in mind that this computer does not have to be the same one running the Buffalo LinkTheater software.
As long as it is a computer running on the same network as the LinkTheater, it should work.

Once Windows Media Connect is installed and running in XP, it will automatically detect which compatible devices are on the network. If it does not see the LinkTheater right away, try rebooting it.

 pop-up will come up at the bottom of the screen announcing that a new device has been found, and users will be given the option to add this device in the Windows Media Connect software.

s soon as the LinkTheater is added as an authorized device, the login page on the LinkTheater will show a seperate connection with a Windows Media icon next to it. It will be formatted as COMPUTERNAME: Windows Media Connect on the screen. When users go into this, the shared Music, Photo, and Video folders will be available for browsing.



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